Tokyo 2018

On Dec 2018, I got to cross a major item off of my bucket list and visit Japan! A very kawaii desu country! Hoping to visit this beautiful but expensive country in the near future! Japan was really an easy city to shoot, with a photogenic streets and neon lights, the outcome was amazing!

This picture right here was the best photo I took of Nabeelah (my youngest sister) in Japan. It was my wallpaper for a whole 7 months!

Something about the shadows.

Prism photography in Tokyo! The outcome was sick!

For a hobbyist photographer, wasn’t these neat?!



A focus of photographs rather than text. I will dedicate this space to that.

Welcome to the brand new naiveprogress 2019! I am Amirah, a hobbyist photographer. As a kid, I always took great photos. It was only last year, after getting Canon M6 aka Camira, I’d realized I would want to learn more about it.

I have documented life for the past year with the help of Camira. I look forward to posting and sharing my photos. Till then!